Isaiah Washington: Some Of The ‘Best Elementary School Teachers’ And ‘Neighbors’ Were KKK Members

Isaiah Washington is back at it with the bizarre commentary. The actor’s latest controversial comments come in the form of seemingly praising members of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Grey’s Anatomy alumnus, who announced his retirement from acting in March, took to Instagram Sunday to reminisce on his childhood in Texas where he claims to have shared some type of camaraderie with members of his community who were proud KKK members.

Washington started by announcing he had to repost the black-and-white photo showing three generations of KKK members after his initial posting was removed by Instagram.

“I had some of the best elementary school teachers and even some neighbors that I knew were Klan Members back in Texas while growing up,” he wrote.

“I knew where They stood with me and They also knew where I stood with Them. The boundaries were very, very clear and I still played with Their kids, I just couldn’t drink from Their outside water hose or come inside Their house to eat.”


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The Romeo Must Die star then took  a subtle jab at the types of homes his racist neighbors lived in while recalling his mother’s hospitality toward them.

“Their houses were usually much smaller than what I grew up in,” he continued. “My mother never refused to let Their kids into her house to eat a summer lunch and drink from our vintage JFK water glasses.”

Washington concluded his rant by noting the odd sense of community he shared with his KKK neighbors and how it might’ve changed a little of the hate they harbored for people who look like him.

“I can’t help but wonder today, if Their kids are vigorously supporting me as an actor today, simply because I showed Them love and respect as a true Texan and a true American,” he wrote.

“Even when Their parents and grandparents forbid Them to reciprocate love and respect for me publicly to me back then, but I’m infamous now. I wonder…”

The 100 star has a long history of controversy and speaking his mind. He was fired from Grey’s Anatomy after calling then-co-star T. R. Knight an anti-gay slur and getting into a physical altercation with Patrick Dempsey, the long-running series’ star.

While announcing his retirement in March, Washington claimed “the haters, provocateurs and the Useful Idiots have won.”

“I’m no longer interested in the back and forth regarding a ‘color construct’ that keeps us human beings divided nor am I interested in politics or anything vitriolic,” said in part.

“I will be traveling this great country before it falls into Socialism and then Communism.”