Grizzlies Baller Ja Morant Claims ‘Self-Defense’ Against A 17-Year-Old In Latest Civil Suit

Now that the NBA has handed down Ja Morant’s punishment, his legal team can concentrate on his off-the-court matters, specifically the lawsuit filed by a teenager who says he was threatened by the Memphis Grizzlies player at Morant’s house in the summer of 2022.

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the attorneys for Morant have filed a motion to dismiss the civil suit against the basketball player filed by Josh Holloway, who was 17 years old at the time. There had been a dispute at Morant’s house during a pickup basketball game, and it was alleged that Morant showed the teenager a gun after the two scuffled. 

Morant’s attorneys said the lawsuit should be dismissed because Morant was defending himself against Holloway.

“Morant acted in self-defense when [Holloway] intentionally struck him in the face with a basketball at Mr. Morant’s family home last July,” the motion states. “He, therefore, enjoys civil immunity under the [Self-Defense Immunity] Statute.”

The basketball star’s lawyers said that as their motion requires a hearing within 40 days of filing, all other aspects of the case should be paused. They also requested “the mandatory damages that the [Self-Defense Immunity] Statute affords [Morant]: an award of attorney fees, costs, lost income and expenses.”

The testimony given by Tee Morant, Ja’s father, was also revealed. He stated that he had encouraged Holloway to “go at Ja” while they were playing during the game.

“I was telling Josh to go at Ja … act like he’s not an NBA player as far as confidence purposes,” Morant said. “‘You’re going to Oak Hill. So once you get there, if you can compete against Ja at this level  once you get there, it should be easier.”

Morant’s father also said he had spoken to Holloway’s parents after the incident and didn’t think the situation was that serious.

Holloway filed the lawsuit in September 2022 after the incident at Morant’s home in Eads, Tennessee, on July 26, 2022, TMZ reported.