Ja Rule Dips Into The Wine Industry with Rose Vine Cellars

Ja Rule Dips Into The Wine Industry with Rose Vine Cellars

Ja Rule, the award-winning entertainer, and entrepreneur, has ventured into the wine business with his latest launch of a new premium label, Rose Vine Cellars.

In partnership with winemaker Ross Reedy and Wines that Rock, Rose Vine Cellars by Ja Rule has released two specialty products alongside its announcement: the Red Rose Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wax Dipped ($100), and the Autographed Limited Edition bottle ($150). The two wines are offered as a set, adorned with a gold-trimmed Forever Rose and black wax dip as “a testament to Ja Rule’s dedication to craftsmanship and his discerning taste.”

The Red Rose Cabernet Sauvignon has a rich taste of black currant, cherry, and dark chocolate with a velvety finish. The wines stem from the Alexander Valley region in Sonoma County, with vine origins spanning six decades. Fermented in French oak barrels over two years, the commitment to curating an excellent wine requires this timeframe to age properly. Its berry fruit profile, blended seamlessly with acidic notes, creates a wine that is the “essence of elegance.”

 “This collab with wine master Ross Reedy and Wines That Rock is something we’ve spent a lot of time on because we wanted it to be perfect,” Ja Rule said in a press release. 

“Our goal was to create something unique, sophisticated, and luxurious, and this collection is exactly that! I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished!” 

The 47-year-old continued with a personal touch on why this business opportunity was especially important to him.

“This launch is near and dear to my heart; one of my favorite things to do after a long day is pour myself a nice glass of wine.” 

The bottles, including the exclusive dual set, are now available exclusively through the Rose Vine Cellars website.

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