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Jay-Z Sparks Debate After Turning Down A Cousin’s $4,800 Request, ‘Money Isn’t Free’

Jay-Z has the streets talking about a resurfaced clip where he explained his reluctance to be around certain family members who ask for money.

In July 2022, Hov appeared on Kevin Hart’s Peacock talk show Hart to Heart and opened up about the struggle he and the comedian both face when attending family gatherings. With them being the first to acquire wealth in their family, the rapper and actor spoke about the issues that arise when family members approach them with their business ideas.

Jay-Z explained his desire to spend time with family as a sanctuary, but how it can become uncomfortable when cousins ask for money to fund a business venture.

“Some people haven’t evolved past 16, they still stuck in that place,” Jay-Z explained. “But you’re evolving every year. So that may be a threat to them.”

The “99 Problems” rapper noted how someone of Kevin Hart’s status has to “navigate” being around people he grew up with who might be jealous of his success. He took it further by sharing an example of being around “cousins” who approach their successful family members for money at holiday gatherings.

“You have to go home for Thanksgiving and people are talking to you like Kevin Hart and you going home for solace. You’re going home for family,” Jay explained.

Hart agreed, noting that they were going home for “peace of mind” but “they don’t give you that because you’re not that.”

Jay continued to call out the “cousins” who approached him in Grandma’s living room saying “Yo man, I got this play. If you just give me $4,800, I could make you $2 million.” But the father of three explained that’s not how the real world works.

“It don’t work like that, family,” he said. “Life isn’t like that. Money isn’t free and no one is giving out opportunities.”

The Grammy-winning rapper shared how said cousin would then think that Jay or Hart don’t “believe in my dreams.” Despite making the point over a year ago, many have been sounding off about Jay’s remarks once the clip resurfaced online.

“I’ll NEVER get over a billionaire saying some bullsh*t like this!” one person tweeted.

“No one around them will say this to them, but they should be giving their cousins money cuz that is exactly how it should be working,” added someone else.

But others disagreed and said Jay-Z shouldn’t be forced to share his wealth just because he has it to give.

“Don’t Care. His Money,” one user wrote.

“I think you missed the entire point lol he didn’t make a mention about giving $4800 away,” added someone else.

“His point was to educate (within the example) why $4800 can’t make you $2Mil 😂🤦🏾‍♂️”

On Oct. 5, more context surfaced into Jay-Z’s alleged turn-down of his cousin’s $4,800 request. Apparently, Hov did invest in one cousin who opened up a buffalo wing spot in their native Brooklyn, NY.

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