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John Amos’ Son Arrested For Sending Sister Threatening Messages Amid Claims of Elder Abuse

The family drama between John Amos’ two children has escalated.

Amos’s son, K.C., was arrested for allegedly sending threatening messages to his sister, Shannon. According to authorities, the terroristic text messages included images of firearms, TMZ reports. Shannon contacted Essex County (New Jersey) police to report the slew of alarming messages her brother allegedly sent her claiming to have gang affiliations and brandishing a handgun and rifle.

In one video message, K.C. fired off a gun in an open field and wrote, “Gonna sleep much better tonight big sis.” Shannon reportedly told police that her brother suffers from bipolar disorder and is under the impression she hired someone to kill him.

She is reportedly in fear of her brother retaliating against her and has since issued a cease and desist for comments he’s made about her online. Most recently, K.C. posted a TikTok that seemingly accused Shannon of calling the authorities on him.

“Imagine calling the police #Swatting your own brother 24 times over the last 15 years & not one arrest,” he wrote.

The arrest comes one month after Amos, the beloved of star of Good Times, posted a video alongside his son accusing Shannon of “elder abuse.” His statement came after Shannon launched a GoFundMe a few weeks prior claiming her father was a victim of elder abuse.

‘I am very capable,” Amos said at the time. “And I am very confident in the doctors that I have here in the medical staff that my son has assembled around me.

‘My main issues are that prior to entering the hospital, I had some ongoing issues with my daughter, who I feel has taken advantage of me,” he continued. “She would be the primary suspect if you would. I don’t know if that’s the right term or not.

“She is the one I would attribute my elderly abuse to. It’s definitely a case of elderly abuse.”

In the since-deleted campaign, Shannon was seeking $500,000 to aid her father, whom she claimed was being abused and mistreated by a “caregiver”. But after speaking out against his daughter, GoFundMe deleted the campaign and the senior Amos denied the money that was raised.

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