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Jonathan Majors Found Guilty Of Assault And Harassment Against Ex-Girlfriend

Things aren't looking good for Jonathan Majors after he was found guilty of harassment and assault against his ex, Grace Jabbari.

Things aren’t looking good for Jonathan Majors after he was found guilty of harassment and assault against his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

On Monday, Dec. 18, a Manhattan jury found Majors guilty of two misdemeanor counts of harassment and assault, with him being acquitted on two additional counts, Variety reports. Majors, who stood with his girlfriend Meagan Good and legal team when the verdict was read, reportedly gave no reaction to the ruling.

The Creed III star has a sentencing date scheduled on Feb. 6. and faces up to a year in jail but will most likely be sentenced to probation. The verdict came after a two-week-long domestic assault trial where Majors never testified,d but Jabbari did. A six-person jury came up with the verdict after listening to the definition of harassment in the second degree and reviewing surveillance footage and testimony from a woman who attended a nightclub with Jabbari after the alleged assault.

During Jabbari’s testimonies, she became emotional when forced to watch back videos from the night in question. Surveillance footage showed the aftermath of their alleged fight inside a car that started after Jabbari saw a text message Majors received from another woman.

Majors was seen shoving Jabbari back into the car and running away from her. Other clips showed Jabbari chasing after Majors throughout the streets of New York City and following him to his apartment building.

The Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star was arrested in March following the fight where Jabbari described in her testimony how Majors allegedly attempted to retrieve his phone and struck her with “a hard blow” across her head that resulted in bruising, swelling, and substantial pain.

A prosecutor accused Majors of being manipulative and controlling throughout his two-year relationship with Jabbari. A text message exchange revealed during the trial showed Majors threatening suicide following a disagreement and persuading Jabbari not to go to the hospital to treat a head wound.

A voice recording was also played where Majors told Jabbari (a white woman) to be more like Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama.

“What this really boils down to is four simple words: control, domination, manipulation, and abuse,” prosecutor Kelli Galloway told the jury in her closing statement. “[Those are the] tactics used by those who commit domestic violence against partners, against Grace.”

Majors has already been dropped by his PR team, management, and from the film The Man in My Basement. But his major role as the villainous Kang the Conqueror in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe is still up for question. Now, the guilty verdict could change all of that.

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