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Ye And His Wifey Are Offending Italians And Possibly Breaking Law With Bold Fashion Choices

After ruffling feathers in the United States, Ye, formerly Kanye West, is over in Italy keeping that same energy.

The disgraced rap/fashion mogul has been the center of attention in Italy through his bold fashion choices and inappropriate behavior on private boats. Ye’s latest controversy stems from the black face mask he’s been wearing, an apparel item that may go against Italian law.

According to Article 533, introduced in Italy in 1977, anti-terror and public order laws prohibit people from wearing any item that “hampers an individual’s identification.” Doing so could result in a fine of up to 2000 euros, the Daily Mail reports.

The law was designed to combat domestic terrorism by restricting face coverings in public, unless they are for religious reasons with prior authorization. But Kanye, a proud Christian, has never identified with any religious practice that warrants a full face covering.

Recent videos show Kanye donning all black along with a black cloth covering most of his face. The “Stronger” rapper reportedly did not receive approval from local authorities to wear the full face covering.

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To add to the controversy, while Kanye is busy breaking laws with his face coverings, his wife, Bianca Censori, is upsetting locals with her revealing outfits. The Yeezy founder was out with his architect wife in Via dei Calzaiuoli, Italy, on Thursday, September 21, when Censori stopped to pose with fans, wearing a tight shiny leotard and high-sheen pantyhose.

The bold fashion choices come weeks after Kanye and Censori upset locals with a boating incident where the rapper was photographed with his bare buttocks out while his wife sat near his lap. The boat company has reportedly banned the couple from riding their vessels; they also might be under investigation.


With Kim Kardashian out of the picture, Kanye has seemingly found himself a new muse to join him in his antics.

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