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Not KFC Opening Its First Nightclub

KFC, the fast-food giant known for its iconic fried chicken, is stepping into uncharted territory by opening its first-ever nightclub in Sydney, Australia, according to the Daily Mail. But don’t expect this to be a permanent fixture; it’s a one-night-only experience set to take place in a secret location.

The KFC Fried Side Club is shrouded in mystery, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event, and eager fans will need to act fast to secure their spots.

Scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 21, this exclusive club night promises an unforgettable experience. Guests will enjoy KFC’s delectable Zinger Sliders accompanied by a lineup of tunes mixed by Australian DJ Luude. The event kicks off at 8 p.m. and runs until 3 a.m., offering a night of music and of course KFC’s renowned chicken.

Securing tickets for this unique gathering is already possible. However, there’s a catch: The location of the event will be disclosed 48 hours before it begins, keeping attendees in suspense until the last moment. This secretive approach adds an air of intrigue to the Fried Side Club, making it an event to remember.

KFC has joined forces with Luude, an ARIA award-winning producer famous for his viral TikTok remix of Men at Work’s classic “Down Under.”

Together, they’ve crafted an evening that combines the best of both worlds: mouthwatering chicken and sensational music. The star of the show is the Zinger Sliders, each featuring half a Zinger fillet and lettuce. One slider is seasoned with Chilli Relish, while the other is smothered in Supercharged Sauce.

The musical lineup doesn’t end with Luude; fellow Australian artists Kinder and Foura will ensure that the clubbers are entertained all night long.

To commemorate the occasion, ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive KFC x Luude merchandise. What makes this even better is that profits from the merchandise sales will go toward the KFC Youth Foundation, which supports youth initiatives.

Tickets for the Fried Side Club are currently available to those who are 18 years old and above. You can secure your spot through Moshtix for $22.18. And if nightclubbing isn’t your thing or you couldn’t snag a ticket, don’t fret: KFC has also introduced the Zinger Sliders to its secret menu, so you can still savor the flavors of the night.

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