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Viral TikTok Star Khaby Lame ‘Thrilled’ About Fortnite Collaboration

Khaby Lame, the social media sensation known for his “duh moment” wordless videos, is taking his other pastime–gaming—to a new level. The most-followed creator on TikTok is now featured as a character on one of the most popular games of the moment, Fortnite.

With over 160 million followers, it’s unsurprising that Lame’s impact would eventually transcend the app that made him a star. Now, he is unveiling his new feature inside the battle royale game’s fourth chapter, titled “Last Resort.” Players will be allowed to be Lame’s “skin,” as part of the “icon series,” while they break into vaults in part of the heist element of the game.

Lame, who is Senegalese-Italian, spoke to Variety about what this new venture means to him and his rise in the entertainment industry outside of his viral social media posts,

“I’ve been a big Fortnite fan for a long time. I started playing five years ago, and sometimes I posted videos on YouTube or tagged Fortnite in stories. I was thrilled about this game,” he said.

Lame, of course, took to TikTok to share an advertisement, revealing the animated version of himself in the game.

@khaby.lame My friend, maybe look around first? 🤲 #FortniteLastResort #Pubblicita #Ad ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

The 23-year-old also made sure to reveal that he had “full input” on a lot of the details surrounding his character’s look and role to play within the latest installment. His elation at fulfilling a universal dream of being an “action hero” was made clear to his millions of fans, too.

Upon launch day, where thousands of avid Fortnite players were now able to become Lame during their gameplay, the social media influencer soaked in the moment and joined in the fun himself.

“On release day, I turned on the game and started playing. It was surreal. I just stared at my character for a good 15 minutes, to be honest,” Lame admitted. “I am so blessed, and I just took some time to enjoy the game and the experience.”

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