‘Kindred’ Awards Cities For Being The Best Place For Black Families

‘Kindred’ Awards Cities For Being The Best Place For Black Families

Kindred has announced its first ever Best Cities for Black Families Awards on June 23. In its commitment to supporting Black families and communities, this list shares cities that will best shape the livelihoods of Black children.

Celeste Little, the editorial lead for Kindred, explained the purpose of the awards is to highlight cities optimal for Black migration,

“But for Black families, more so than others, abundance is a careful calculation—because this kind of mobility is a privilege and, too often, being Black is a caveat to the factors that make American cities worthwhile.”

She elaborated on the necessity of surveying locations that Black people and their children can thrive and embrace community, especially given the history of curating successful Black spaces that have been thwarted by violent and subversive racism.

Calling it “a careful assessment of locations,” Little urged that safety is a priority alongside joy, and what those look like for Black people requires a nuanced understanding of culture  to ” build lasting legacies of wealth and education.”

Included in the panel of judges are an array of psychologists such as Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, educators, finance experts like Tonya Rapley and dietitians to develop the holistic catalog of 15 prime cities for Black families. The judges based their votes on wealth acquisition possibility, environmental justice and equity, as well as communal and safety infrastructure already in place, among other considerations.

The cities included in the highly-coveted status are spread out across the country, with best overall across all factors being Silver Spring, Maryland,  Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York City.

Others cities were included in more specific categories, such as the Best for Environmental Equity going to Honolulu, Hawaii and Wealth Building having Raleigh, North Carolina in its top spot for its great property value.

The full list can be viewed here, and also details the cities best for education, safety, and community and culture.

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