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How Kobe Harris’ Environmentally Conscious Skincare Brand Is Helping To Save The Planet

When Kobe Harris began his journey at Loyola Chicago, he didn’t intend to start a company that would help fight the ongoing battle of preserving the environment for future generations. After facing the city’s blistering winter wind and experiencing its ongoing trash problem, Harris launched his sustainable brand of lip balms, cuticle butter, and lip scrubs, Kobee’s, to help others and the planet.

Kobee’s products are all-natural and handmade while also being completely plastic-free. Using four simple ingredients—sunflower seed oil, mango butter, coconut oil, and beeswax-—and completely compostable packaging, Harris is helping to revolutionize the skincare industry ‘one balm at a time.’ With an emphasis on being the change he hopes to see in the world, the young entrepreneur uses proceeds from Kobee’s to support nonprofit organizations that share his commitment to saving the planet. Although his brand’s mission decreases the shelf-life of his product, which in turn cuts into his profits, Harris’s focus is on how every small change any consumer makes to better the environment is ultimately more important than his bottom line. “Getting older, I started to become more conscious of the foods and ingredients I was putting inside of my body,” he said. “With these types of products, it’s very common to come across cheap ingredients that make you keep reapplying. We want to take out the guesswork and make something that actually benefits you and your skin.”

What’s more, zero waste is associated with the brand’s star products. Once the lip balm has been used, consumers can cut it up and compost it in soil for a completely biodegradable experience. At an incredibly affordable price of $5, Kobee’s rivals other “organic” brands in every statistical category with the advantage of being Black-owned.

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