LaRitta Webb is Helping Black Women-Owned Businesses Get Ahead With The Profit Nerd

Former bodybuilder LaRitta Webb is pumping up businesses these days. An engineer with an MBA in Global Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Webb helps Black-owned enterprises get ahead with her company, The Profit Nerd.

Webb, a Gary, IN, native now living in San Antonio, helps with the behind-the-scenes pieces of a company’s business operations so owners save money and increase earnings. The Profit Nerd does it all–including  sales forecasting, liaising with vendors, fulfillment, inventory management, and purchasing.

What Does the Profit Nerd Do?

Every growing business at some point must take a look at their operations to see what improvements can be made to increase efficiency and savings, decrease slip-ups, and improve the overall customer and vendor experience. The sooner this happens, the better for the health of the company.

When it comes to scaling a business Webb says, “Everyone thinks, ‘I just need to sell more units,’ but we’re not thinking about ‘In the process of selling more units, how are we going to get it there?’…What I do is help businesses focus on that operational piece to get more profit.”

The Profit Nerd’s team dives deeply to analyze and provide solutions to the gaps in each piece of a company’s supply chain, drawing on their decades of expertise, while processing the data to provide a custom solution for the client that yields real results.

Webb’s current roster includes product-based businesses that span every industry from beauty and health care to sports and education.

The Profit Nerd’s Impact

Prior to founding The Profit Nerd, Webb worked in managerial positions for large companies like GE and Rackspace, managing huge projects and creating massive results. Webb helped increase their monthly revenue by more than $13 million and YoY savings by 20%. Webb realized that she could utilize her skill-set in a more fulfilling way by assisting a fast-growing subset of entrepreneurs who were desperately seeking her help. These are results she’s looking to bring the high potential start-ups she and her team work with.

Webb also understands that dealing with suppliers isn’t always the easiest thing to do as vendors speak in very different terms than entrepreneurs, leading to confusion around lead time and capabilities. “

“Entrepreneurs and vendors speak a very different language,” Webb explains. The Profit Nerd plays translator to bridge the two worlds and assists to manage expectations and drive productivity across all channels.

How to Work with The Profit Nerd

The Profit Nerd offers customized solutions to its clients. This starts with an initial 20-minute complementary call to determine a business’ needs and uncover its biggest challenges. If it’s determined to be a good fit, both parties decide on a solution with the most impact.

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