Las Vegas Raiders Team President Sandra Douglass Morgan Joins Players for Panel Encouraging Next Generation

Las Vegas Raiders Team President Sandra Douglass Morgan Joins Players for Panel Encouraging Next Generation

Sandra Douglass Morgan
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Las Vegas Raiders are about more than playing football.

As the first Black woman appointed as a team president for an NFL franchise, Sandra Douglass Morgan joined a panel alongside other NFL professionals to encourage local youth during the Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium Management (ASM) “Blazing Trails” event.

According to Raiders News, Douglass Morgan spoke to local youth scholars from Democracy Preparatory Academy on a panel moderated by “Raiders: Talk of the Nation” host Sibley Scoles, Friday morning during ASM’s celebration of Black History Month.

“It’s so important that we know our history and talk about our history so [we] know where we came from,” said Douglass Morgan. “I think that gives us a better sense of self as to know where we want to go. Not only where we want to go as individuals, but as a community and definitely, as the Raiders.”

Douglass Morgan shared her experiences breaking down racial barriers as an attorney and game commissioner in Vegas. She placed her focus on providing resources and opportunities for the next generation.

“Being the first is not success, in my opinion. It’s making sure I’m not the last,” said Douglass Morgan.


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“Having this young generation understand the importance of inclusion and making sure everyone has the opportunity to have a seat at the table is so inspiring,” she said, adding that she was inspired by the young men and women in the room.

Douglass Morgan was joined by two of the Raiders players, safety Jalen Elliott, and offensive tackle Brandon Parker, who discussed their experiences as NFL players and young African American men.

“Just talking to some of the kids after the event, the questions they had and the mentality they have – it’s locked in,” Parker said. “It’s just good for them to see and interact with people that were able to take time and step down to their level and say, ‘Hey man, I was where you are.’ I looked up to people to get where I was and now I am where I am now.”

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