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More Black Men Turn To Therapy And Mindfulness To Channel Healing

Mental health has traditionally been frowned upon in Black households over the years, but recent studies show that that trend is slowing down, and more people are seeking therapy to deal with their issues.

According to Capitol B News, more Black men have been going to therapy and utilizing other means to cope with modern-day problems affecting their mental state. Studies show that Black men are four times more likely to commit suicide than Black women. That alone is one of the leading causes of death for young Black men. Another study reveals that based on what society expects of Black men, particularly regarding education and income, the risk of depression decreases for Black women and white people. Not so for Black men. Due to the expectations associated with that, Black men don’t typically reach out for help.

Recently, more Black men are going to professional therapists and taking better care of their mental health using tools like meditation, mindfulness, and massages, fighting against stereotypes and narratives that have afflicted Black men for many years. Approaching mental health issues is becoming part of coping with the Black community’s everyday struggles.

“It makes you build a wall subconsciously,” says Eric Warren Jr., a Los Angeles-based therapist. “For so long historically, we had to be extremely strong.”

Some men have started tapping into what is not considered “normal” for Black men, at least not until now. Activities like yoga, taking time for themselves (alone time), going to spas, and having talks with others to let off some steam is becoming a part of some Black men’s routines to cope with the daily issues faced, primarily when Black boys are taught to be tougher and not show any emotions, or they are deemed “soft.”