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Lil Mama Claims She Was ‘The Face Of Fashion And Beauty’ For The Black Community

Lil Mama is opening up about the lack of representation she received in the beauty industry despite being "the face of fashion and beauty" during her prime.

Lil Mama is opening up about the lack of representation she received in the beauty industry during her prime despite being “the face of fashion and beauty” at the time.

The “Lip Gloss” rapper recently sat down for an in-depth chat with Loren Lorosa of Brown Girl Grinding, where she was asked about the lack of support she feels she received during the height of her music career in 2008. With Lil Mama releasing a timeless hit that boasted about mega beauty brands like MAC and L’Oreal keeping her “lip gloss poppin,” the Brooklyn native was able to receive endorsements from the companies at a young age.

However, looking back at that time in her career and how short-lived those business opportunities were, Lil Mama (real name Niatia Kirkland) cites the missed opportunity the brands had with reaching the Black community.

“I think that, you know, the opportunities that people like the Taylor Swift’s or the Jenner’s would get was an opportunity to actually build out a full cosmetic line that would be a representation of who they are,” Lil Mama said in a clip captured by The Neighborhood Talk.

Considering Lil Mama’s reach within the Black community at the time, she feels it would have been smart for a major brand to get behind her for a long-term opportunity that represented her target demographic.

“How they see fashion, how they see the world of beauty, and kind of speak to that audience while I was singlehandedly being the face of fashion and beauty for a really large community, which I would have to say is the African-American community,” she added.

Lil Mama has since grown up and made her own seat at the table with the launch of her cosmetics and jewelry collection dubbed the “It’s Poppin Collection.” In February, “The Voice of the Young People” rapper unveiled a portion of the new lip gloss collection “Truly In Love.”

It comes in partnership with the luxury beauty brand Vaniteaset Cosmetics and a collaboration with her sisters Jasmyn, Jessica, and La’Nya Brunner. The lip gloss comes in four unique shades that enhance natural lip color and ensure hydration all day long.

“It’s been a long time coming. “Lipgloss” has contributed to the success of many cosmetic brands worldwide. Now it’s my turn, I’ve entered that chat! This is redemption for me,” Lil Mama said in a press release.

Shades include Truly in Love, Strike a Pose, The Voice, and College Girl. The glosses retail for $22 and are available exclusively at

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