Celebrating Life Beyond Mother’s Day

Celebrating Life Beyond Mother’s Day

As people across the country take this weekend to celebrate their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, sisters, and friends,  a lot of these women are probably trying to figure out how to make the most of the day dedicated to them. Many will plan spa getaways, brunch, or will be spoiled with breakfast in bed. But for the approximately 300 women planning to attend the All About You Day Conference on May 8 at the Schomburg Center for Research in Harlem, they will be exploring how to maintain the “rich” life they enjoy on Mother’s Day all year long.

We created the conference to address the notion that women who serve multiple roles in their daily lives are not truly living a rich life–with rich not being defined simply in financial terms. Citing the alarming facts that women continue to earn less than men for similar work, and the recent news that African-American women have a median net worth of $100, the event organizers are of the mindset that defines rich as a lifestyle set by them that encompasses wealth, health and appearance. Women in particular need to find out where they stand and then do something about it to start living the rich life they desire, starting with defining what rich means in their lives,  and investing their time, talent, and income in those efforts that create true wealth and support their rich lifestyle.

To help conference attendees put things in perspective, a team of speakers and panelists has been assembled to help women address the areas most important to them: their money, beauty, relationships and discovery/love of self. The event will be moderated by Caroline Clarke, host of The Black Enteprise Business Report, and hosted by Joycelyn Taylor, publisher of Uptown Magazine. The four presentations and speakers include:

Relationships:  Zara Green, author of several publications on personal and professional growth, will discuss keeping a “L.E.G. up in Love.”

Self Love: by Dr. Janet Taylor, owner of a private practice in adult psychiatry and columnist for Family Circle; explains the necessity of taking care of you.

Beauty: Nichelle Pace, a stylist and creator www.stylemom.com, will show you how to incorporate beauty and fashion into a demanding regimen of work and family.

Money: I’ll be sharing the five tips to keeping it rich while keeping it real.

AAYou is a great opportunity for women of diversity to engage in conversations with professional and entrepreneurial women about the topics that matter most.

Sakina Spruell is the co-creator of the conference and founder of Cole Media Inc. Spruell is also host and creator of “Keeping It Rich with Sakina,” and a business journalist specializing in personal finance and entrepreneurship; she contributes to the personal finance sections of Black Enterprise, Money, and Essence. You can follow Spruell on Twitter and Facebook, as well as view her Keeping It Rich video series and free newsletter.