Lizzo Hit With Lawsuit by Former Dancers For Sexual Harassment and Fat-Shaming

Lizzo Hit With Lawsuit by Former Dancers For Sexual Harassment and Fat-Shaming

In shocking news, Lizzo has been sued by three former dancers for sexual harassment and fat-shaming. Their lawyer claims that Lizzo helped foster a hostile work environment that left the dancers feeling uncomfortable and fearful.

The lawsuit, filed August 1, 2023, and obtained by NBC News, accuses Lizzo of pressuring the one of the plantiffs, Arianna Davis, to touch a nude cabaret dancer while at an afterparty for her Amsterdam show.

Lizzo’s dance captain, Shirlene Quigley, was also named in the suit. It’s alleged that she publicly disclosed a dancer’s virginity while conversing with her team about lewd acts. Quigley also reportedly simulated oral sex in front of the dancers, whose lawyer claims that Lizzo was made aware of the behavior.

The dancers claim that false allegations of drinking before shows sparked a 12-hour rehearsal. Rebuttal by a plaintiff, Crystal Williams, about the validity of the claims prompted her swift firing days later. However, the rehearsal itself left another plaintiff so scared for her job security that she urinated on herself. Instead of concern, the tour’s management resolved to giving her see-through bottoms so that it would not be witnessed.

In another revelation, Lizzo, who has become a prominent face in media for body-positivity, allegedly fat-shamed Davis. The “Good as Hell” singer allegedly commented on her weight gain, saying she was “less committed,” and fired Davis as tensions escalated after she recorded a conversation.

Lizzo was reportedly “furious” at the group after finding out about the recording, with Davis stating she was imprisoned in a room until her phone was throughly searched for the clip. The incident prompted another dancer involved in the suit, Noelle Rodriguez, to quit immediately. In response, Lizzo allegedly called her a slur.

While the plaintiffs did not list a monetary amount they are suing the singer for, they want damages to cover emotional distress, such as loss of earnings and their attorney fees.

The lawsuit has shocked the music industry, as Lizzo’s light-hearted, bubbly persona is now under question. The singer, however, has yet to respond publicly to the allegations.

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