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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Cast Discusses Erica Mena Calling Spice A ‘Monkey’

For the first time in “Love & Hip Hop” history, a roundtable discussion was held around racism and colorism as a result of Erica Mena referring to Spice as a “blue monkey.”

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast, minus Mena, sat down for a candid talk about race and colorism in the Black community. The roundtable aired after the season finale on Sept. 26.

Clips from the much-needed discussion included cast members Yandy Smith-Harris, Kirk and Rasheeda Frost, Cierra Gates, Karlie Redd, and others who shared their thoughts on Mena’s racist outburst that came after Spice made a comment about Mena’s son not liking her.

Jay’s Reality Blog reposted a portion of the discussion that highlighted the cast reactions and a private unaired conversation Yandy had with Mena where she attempted to get the Puerto Rican reality star to acknowledge her wrongdoing and apologize.

“Seeing it live, seeing the scene, and hearing the sounds, it was like you felt it,” Kirk said.

“It turned from like a one-on-one to a one on the culture,” Rasheeda said.

Yandy said her first reaction whenever she gets angry is not to go the racist route. Hence, her questions around Mena’s intent in not only referring to Spice as a “monkey” but also making monkey noises at her during the heated exchange.

In addition to the roundtable, Yandy showed her hope in getting a sincere apology from Mena after learning of the racist remark. But cameras captured how unremorseful Mena was once confronted by Yandy and other Black cast members.

“You was offended because you chose to be offended, Yandy,” Erica said.

The Bronx native was so focused on the remark Spice made about her son that she had no regret for making a racist remark in return.

“Was it wrong, yes. But at the same time, how fu*king dare she,” Erica quipped.

Since being fired and learning of the roundtable, Mena has spoken out to accuse the show and network of using her to “save face” in a scene they allegedly only reacted to after receiving backlash from viewers. Mena says she continued to film the show after the racist remark and only got fired after the scene aired.

Now Mena is no longer a part of the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise and has to contend with more scrutiny from her former cast members and the general public.


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