Luxury Travel Company Targets Diverse Millennials

Luxury Travel Company Targets Diverse Millennials

Are you ready to travel in style? Haywire Weekend wants to help. This startup luxury travel website lets you choose which destination island you want to go to and provides you with luxury villas and curated events, and best of all, you’re surrounded by like-minded people. In 2018, Haywire added six locations to their roster: St. Lucia, Puerto Vallarta, Turks & Caicos, The Hamptons, Greece, and Bali.

According to a recent release, founders Paul Dykes and Twaney Harding met on Wall Street as college interns. Postgrad, both continued working in finance but eventually left their corporate jobs for more fulfilling work. Known for their contagious personalities and for creating good vibes, they launched Haywire Weekend with a trip to Turks & Caicos in July 2016. With minimal marketing techniques, they were able to gather 75 friends for the first-weekend getaway.

Founders, Paul Dykes and Twaney Harding (Image: Haywire Weekend)

“We love to choose exclusive island destinations because if we went to more popular places, people might want to veer off and explore. This way we are able to control the fun and ambiance,” Harding said in the release. Haywire travelers are both novice and experienced, with events fitting for everyone. Upon registering, travelers are grouped into villas based on preferences and a personality test.

The luxurious villas come complete with spacious rooms and breathtaking views, allowing young travel professionals to come as friends and leave as family, according to their slogan. The weekend includes five days of events including a welcome party, champagne party, float party, beach brunch, and more.

(Image: Haywire Weekend)

“For our 2018 lineup, we wanted to cater to all types of travelers with different cultural destinations. This is a time for us to show that we can be versatile and to expand our brand while allowing each location to have its own original Haywire swag,” Dykes said.

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