How to Manage Work While Dealing With a Personal Tragedy

How to Manage Work While Dealing With a Personal Tragedy

Here’s a brutal truth about life: Whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder or looking to grow your business when tragedy strikes, the demand for work continues. And the fact of the matter is stress in our personal lives such as dealing with family illness, loss of a loved one, a tragic car accident, or even debt problems, takes a toll on our workload.


Here are five ways to focus on work while dealing with a personal tragedy:


Be Easy on Yourself and Practice Self-Care


Sometimes when tragedy strikes, we try to jump back into our regular routine too soon. Before you know it, the quality of your work suffers or you have an emotional outburst, which can damage your professional reputation.

Self-awareness is key because everyone’s grieving process is different. If you’re struggling to process what’s happening, ask yourself: “Do I need a mental heal day or professional help? Don’t be afraid to take some time for you. Cut out distractions. Close your email, log off from social media, or shut your office door, and use this time to cope with your stressful situation.


Master Your Mindset


Remember this mantra: “My current circumstances do not predict my future success.” Just think, despite Venus Williams’s car accident tragedy, she went on to beat Johanna Konta in the semi-finals. So understand this, when life spins out of control, the only thing you can control is your attitude.


Be Realistic About Your Emotional Ability to Manage Your Workload


Can you establish a new routine or schedule to get the work done? What’s the smallest task you can accomplish today?


Ask For Help


Don’t suffer in silence. While you don’t need to reveal intimate details about your situation to everyone, in order to maintain your sanity and success, you’ll need to have a support system at work and home.


Divide and Delegate


Can you break your work down into manageable chunks or small steps, and divide responsibility between yourself, colleagues, or family members? Once you answer these questions: Simplify, focus, and execute.