Marine Corps Authorizes Lock and Twist Hairstyles For Women

Marine Corps Authorizes Lock and Twist Hairstyles For Women

Attention women Marines: You can now wear locks and twist hairstyles. Marine Corps Uniform board 215 recently authorized the additional options, including two-strand twists and thin locks, for wear in uniform for women. Staff Sgt. Cherie Wright of II Marine Expeditionary Force told Marine officials, “For some, this change is culturally liberating, has financial benefits, and is simply convenient.”

However, the appearance of the twists must be neat and professional looking, and can’t interfere with military headgear. As for locks, they are permitted to be worn with any hair length, but must be separated with square or rectangular-shaped partings, and can’t be wider than 3/8ths of an inch in diameter.

The Marine Corps’ policy update follows the Navy’s change of hair rules last year, which included two-strand twists and larger buns to accommodate African American female sailors. Now, the Marine Corps becomes the first to permit locks in uniform, according to officials.

The Marines will be publishing a web page in the next month, illustrating authorized and unauthorized male and female hairstyles, according to a message.

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