Marjorie Harvey Secured $15 Million Mansion For Steve Harvey, ‘This Is Not A Negotiation’

Steve Harvey is sharing the crucial role his wife, Marjorie Harvey, played in securing their $15 million mansion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, he television personality purchased the Buckhead mansion formally owned by Tyler Perry. There were rumors at the time about who purchased the lavish 35,000-square-foot French Provincial estate, via Buckhead.

It didn’t take too long for details of the deed to leak online and reveal Steve and Marjorie were listed as the new rightful property owners. Three years later, the comedian/businessman is shared how the home might not have been his had it not been for his determined wife.

According to the Original Kings of Comedy star, he was hesitant to purchase the home at the time due to how the pandemic was impacting his income. But it was Marjorie who had to remind Steve, who was once homeless, about who he is and why he shouldn’t worry about shelling out a few million for a new home.

“She said, ‘Steve, you don’t know how much money you got. You make it. I watch it,’” Steve shared on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast.

It was Marjorie, whom Steve has been married to since 2007, who decided to take the lead in securing the deal.

“She said, ‘I can put this whole deal together.’”

“She told me how much she put an offer in for,” Steve continued. “The real estate agent said [the owner] will never, ever sign for that much. He’ll never take that amount. It’s impossible. ‘Ms. Harvey, you’re wasting your time.’”

But Marjorie’s faith and confidence couldn’t be deterred. The designer and stylist made a final call that ended up closing the deal.

“She wrote him a long letter, too. She said, ‘This is not a negotiation,'” Steve recalled.

“‘I am offering you this. My husband loves the house… We’ll buy it sight unseen. If you don’t want this amount, it’s OK I’m not trying to insult you.’”

Steve and Marjorie have been enjoying life in the 17-acre estate that includes 7 lavish bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and resort-like amenities like a 70,000-gallon infinity pool and an underground ballroom with a separate catering kitchen.

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