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Married Nurse Charged With Trying to Abort Girlfriend’s Pregnancy

David Coots, a married nurse in Washington State, is facing charges for sneaking abortion pills into his pregnant girlfriend's body.

A married nurse in Washington State was arrested on March 11 after allegedly sneaking abortion pills into his girlfriend’s body.

David Coots was initially the primary care provider for the woman. According to court documents obtained by People, the father of five relentlessly pursued a relationship with her. After his constant advances, the two began an affair last year under the guise that Coots would divorce his wife.

The unidentified woman found out about her pregnancy in January, later telling an “overly supportive” Coots. However, she later discovered that her boyfriend attempted to trick her into taking abortion pills several times. While the two were intimate, Coots would be “abnormally aggressive” and prevent her from going to the bathroom or urge her to stay home. In one attempt, he forced her to drink a coffee she believed was mixed with the drugs.

She noticed the pills inserted into her body, but Coots remained silent when confronted about the medication. The nurse later tried to pay her $2,000 so she would not speak with the police, which she returned. His wife, Melissa Coots, then got involved in the matter.

The 39-year-old confronted the woman at her home on Feb. 1. While there, she argued that going to the authorities would save her family’s life. According to court documents, this was not the first incident in which Coots’ wife approached her residence. She has also been charged with witness tampering for her interference.

Since the police involvement, the Washington resident contacted his former girlfriend multiple times, leading to a protection order. He was arrested for violating the order by leaving gifts and flowers at her doorstep.

It is unclear if the pills worked to terminate the pregnancy, but Coots still faces charges of second-degree assault, third-degree rape, and tampering with a witness. He is currently out on a $500,000 bond. His wife is expected to appear for her initial hearing on March 29.