Meet Attorney Kendra Robinson Who Is Sealing Deals and Taking Black Homeownership to the Next Level

Meet Attorney Kendra Robinson Who Is Sealing Deals and Taking Black Homeownership to the Next Level

Criminal defense attorney, real estate closing attorney, and reality TV star, Kendra Robinson, is sticking to the bottom line and representing Black homeowners with her state-of-the-art firm, SRS Title & Associates

Originally born and raised in a small industrial community in Clinton, South Carolina, Robinson learned at a young age to dream big.

“Growing up there [in Clinton] at one point in time was all I knew. The living was easy, like, I guess if I had to compare it to what I know about life now, looking at it back then. I mean, life was easy, you know, Clinton was sort of like a mill town. You see, we had two textile mills there. Most of everybody’s parents worked in the mill. I really loved it,” Robinson stated.

After graduating from high school, Kendra decided to attend Kentucky State University where she studied pure mathematics with a minor in Spanish. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Robinson realized where her true passion laid: her community.

“A big big part of why I wanted to become a lawyer is because back then it was like people didn’t have adequate representation or have an adequate voice [in society].”

“[Some people] didn’t have people who look like them who would fight as hard [for them] as other people and understood what they went through, you know, [someone] who looked like them. So, I just always had the sense to want to be better than that [for people],” Kendra said.

Inspired by her humble beginnings, Kendra recognized that she could make a real difference as a criminal defense lawyer. Shortly after her matriculation at Kentucky State, Kendra enrolled in law school at the University of Louisville — a choice that would foreshadow a pivotal moment in her career.

“Once I just said to myself, look, I got to transition. I’m not trying to live and die being a criminal lawyer, and that’s it [I decided to go through with it]. I’ve had so many of my mentors, you know, [that told me] ‘Hey, kid, you don’t want to do this. I need [you] to find you something else in addition to this.'”

“So, earlier on when I got into being a real estate closing attorney, the people drew me in, and then, you know, as I worked in criminal defense, and that was all I was doing. When I got introduced to real estate, which is very early on in my career, I gravitated towards it a lot, because, you know, [because] I was still able to help people. But it was like a happy thing,” Robinson stated.

Ultimately her devotion to people would prompt her to start her own firm with the mission to serve Black families seeking homeownership. Thus, the foundation for Kendra Robinson & Associates and Sanders, Robinson, and Scott Title & Associates was created. A 360 Black women-owned firm founded by Robinson and her business partners Kendra Sanders and Yashica Scott, they’re the perfect dynamic trio.

Now, seeing both sides of the aisle, Kendra advocates for Black homeownership with an end goal already in mind: true financial freedom.

“Every time a transaction closes out of my office. I know when people are walking out, somebody’s walking out with a check because they sold it and somebody is walking out with some keys, but the world is like a better place because I know somebody has a house [and] they’re not homeless. And I know somebody has just made a profit. So it’s just I’m able to make sure both people are taken care of,” Kendra said.

Currently, Kendra and her husband Jasiel Amon Robinson otherwise known as “Young Joc” are in the business of flipping houses and are preparing to list their first house in South Carolina.