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Meet The Black Women Leading The Democratic Party In The Early Primary States 

Black women taking the power back!

For the first time, Black women are taking control of the Democratic Party in three primary states.

With the Democratic presidential primaries kicked off in South Carolina on Feb. 3, the light is starting to shine on President Biden’s campaign and where he stands amongst Black voters. On top of solid endorsements from Congressman Rep. Jim Clyburn and Vice President Kamala Harris, three Black women are stepping into the spotlight in hopes of reflecting the party’s diversity. 

Christale Spain – South Carolina 

Christale. Spain is the first Black woman to serve as Democratic Party chair and is excited to prove to doubtful voters that Biden is the right man for the job– again. Putting the narrative to bed about Biden losing grip on — especially Black men, Spain said it’s all about the lack of knowledge.

“I see the negative perceptions about him online, but I don’t feel it here in the state, especially when we’re going around talking to Black voters about this administration’s accomplishments,” she told Politico

“I don’t see a scenario where Black voters won’t vote for Joe Biden.”

Elected in April 2023, Spain is one of many Democrats who have carried the party on her back. She recognizes that even before she was elected.

“Even before I got involved in the party, Black women have really been showing up for Democratic candidates,” she said. “We show up and volunteer. We show up and vote, really, as a big voting bloc.”

Daniele Monroe-Moreno – Nevada 

Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno took over the Nevada State Democratic Party in March 2023 in a heated battle against former chair Judith Whitmer. In a predominantly red state, Monroe-Moreno knew that 2024 was the year to take back control.

“2024 is far too important. The division in our party had to come to an end,” she said, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. 

“I ran so we could bring the family, the Democratic family, back together. Just like any other family, we’re not always going to agree on everything all the time.”

The proud mom and grandmother is about restoring the broken pieces of the blue party. As the first Black woman to serve as state chair, Monroe-Moreno wants Nevada voters to have faith in Biden — just like they did in 2020 when the president won the state by 2.7 percentage points.

“It’s about unifying this party to get behind the people that we have currently in office to make sure we get them reelected,” she said.

“And it’s also seeking and mentoring and training young Democrats to come and take those seats behind us. I’m the first; I don’t want to be the last.” 

Lavora Barnes – Michigan

Lavora Barnes is no stranger to the world of politics as she was reelected as Michigan Democratic Party Chair for a third two-year term in February 2023. Eyes have been on the state — the fifth state to hold the presidential primary in 2024. Under Barnes’ leadership, the party successfully flipped the state House and Senate in 2022 and secured Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) for another four years. 

Working for multiple campaigns, including as the state director for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, Barnes understands the importance of knowing your audience.

“I recognize the importance of having conversations year-round so that your first conversation with a voter isn’t asking for a vote,” Barnes told 19th News

 “That was our goal, to build an organization, what we call Project 83” — named after Michigan’s 83 counties — “that lets folks have an ongoing relationship with their party.” 

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