Meet The Business Owners Behind the Curated CBD Subscription Box Service Cure Crate

Meet The Business Owners Behind the Curated CBD Subscription Box Service Cure Crate

A pair of business partners is changing the way everyday people experience cannabis through their monthly subscription box service.

Alexandra Mulconnery and Sean Wynn are the co-founders behind Cure Crate, a curated CBD subscription box service that provides a personalized CBD wellness experience based on the customer’s individual needs.

As a Black male and woman-owned cannabis company, the duo represents two sides of the spectrum when it comes to underrepresented business owners within the fast-growing industry.

Cure Crate

“Our different perspectives tend to be one of the most invaluable assets we bring to the company,” Wynn told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“As a Black man, I have a perspective of how to successfully attract a demographic to our product. Alexandra comes from a place that allows her to more effectively speak to the consumers our product naturally attracts. We’re both very committed to the social justice aspect of Cannabis which truly unites us.”

Alexandra Mulconnery (left) and Sean Wynn, co-founders of Cure Crate (Photo courtesy of Cure Crate)

Through Cure Crate, customers are not only able to consume cannabis through products that work for them, but they can also help be a part of the company’s commitment to advancing social justice within the industry. A portion of the company’s proceeds goes toward The Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit dedicated to exonerating those convicted of cannabis-related charges.

“As a Black business owner in the Cannabis industry, I find my presence to be a message of how far we’ve come while at the same time how far we have to go,” Wynn told Black Enterprise.

“At almost all times throughout my adulthood, I would find laughable the premise of providing a legal life for myself and others from a Cannabis company I co-founded. At the same time, I would find it upsetting the lack of Black peers I would find in this industry,” Wynn explained. “It means that you’re always acutely aware of how precious your presence is. This makes the moment we’re currently in all the more urgent.”

Raised in Oklahoma, Wynn earned a degree in business administration from Jackson State University after putting himself through school working as a waiter. After working as a top-tier festival producer and talent representative, Wynn launched WME Green where he spearheaded partnerships between talent and large cannabis brands.

Through this experience, Wynn was able to see the large divide when it came to cannabis companies and their social justice and diversity initiatives. He and Mulconnery operate Cure Crate on a foundation built around giving back to those worst affected by the war on drugs.

“We are proud to support the Last Prisoner Project through our proceeds,” the company says. “Every dollar donated will go towards freeing cannabis prisoners and helping to rebuild the lives of those who have experienced the devastating effects of the criminalization of cannabis.”