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Michael B. Jordan Hugs It Out With Steve Harvey At NBA Game A Year After Lori Harvey Breakup

A recent viral video seems to prove there’s no bad blood between actor Micheal B. Jordan and his ex-girlfriend’s father, Steve Harvey. An Instagram post from the NBA on Oct. 5 showed the pair hugging at a game that day. 

The Instagram post included Harvey and Jordan hugging on the basketball court at a Dallas Mavericks versus the Minnesota Timberwolves pre-season game during the NBA Abu Dhabi Games. The NBA and NBA Europe shared the sincere moment, captioning the post, “All smiles at #NBAinAbuDhabi!” 

The photo featured Jordan and Harvey, hugging each other, and sharing a few quick words in a soundless video. With their arms wrapped around each other, both were smiling wide and seemed in good spirits while on the court after the game.

The moments where the pair shared a few words prompted commenters to speculate about what was said. Some joked in the comments that Harvey was interrogating Jordan about the end of his and Lori’s relationship. One wrote jokingly, “Whispers ‘why did you leave Lori?’”

Another user added, ‘Bro, you need to call my daughter,’” along with a laughing emoji.


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As previously reported, Harvey commented about Jordan and Lori’s one-year relationship breaking off in 2022. 

Last summer, Harvey specified that he supported both of them in their decision on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. 

He acknowledged how difficult relationships could be while in the media spotlight.

“I wish them well. I’m Team Lori 1000%. She’s my daughter; I love her, I support her. Things happen. It’s hard to be young and in the limelight and have a successful relationship,” Harvey said.

Harvey added that he wasn’t upset at Jordan, at the time, expressing, “He’s still a cool guy from what I know. It’s a breakup … people break up all the time.”