Miss Diddy to Entrepreneurs: Respect the Time It Takes to Build Something Great

If you haven’t heard, we have an on-going social video series entitled, Hustlin’ All Day. Our first guest just happened to be the incomparable Miss Diddy. Her work as a branding expert and manager ranges from working with the Mayor of Compton to A-list celebrities. During our time with her there was only so much we could capture behind the scenes with Miss Diddy as she was handling business so we sat down with her and gathered a few gems for you.

BLACK ENTERPRISE: A lot of people know you for by your moniker “Miss Diddy,” and for having powerful connections in the entertainment industry. You are the ambassador of L.A., CEO, and Marketing/Branding Genius. But, in your own words, who is Miss Diddy?

Miss Diddy: Miss Diddy is the entrepreneur essence of who I am; the hustler and the young, black girl from Compton who is bold and tenacious. Miss Diddy is the young popular girl who turned her smarts and ability to move people into a successful business named The Brand Group Inc.

Before you were in the entertainment industry you worked as an insurance representative who dabbled into party promoting. Tell us more about that time in your life?

By nature I am a corporate girl. I always worked in the corporate space. I went to school to become an insurance professional and I soared in that field. I grew up in the entertainment industry so I always had my foot into something on that side; promotions in particular. I was extremely happy in my insurance profession, but as I started begging God for my purpose, and for him to release me to do what he called me to do, that insurance job no longer was fulfilling. I asked God what did he need of me and what was I to do on this earth? One day, I had a conversation with my god mother Carlin McFarlin, she asked me what I liked about my insurance career. My answer seemed to not move her. She then looked at me and said, “No, you love people not this job and the money you make.” That moment changed my life because I then realized that God had me here to effect change in people, inspire this generation, and to spread the word of God.

Tell us more about The Brand Group and the work you do.

The Brand Group is a full service agency that has a few layers to it. We are heavily known for our extremely successful, consistent celebrity driven events. We are also known for our strong brand partnerships such as Neiman Marcus, National Basketball Players Association/One Court, Adidas, BoxyCharm, and many more.

You represent prominent people like The Mayor of Compton Aja Brown, Terrence J, Russell Simmons, NBA Allstar Baron Davis, and more. How have you been able to cultivate those business relationships?

I truly believe in the life statement “If you build it, they will come.” I Believe in keeping your head down and working and that’s what I have done for years. And in turn my consistency, my results, and my will to always be excellent spoke volumes. These amazing people have entrusted me with some of their most prized possessions – their intellectual property, their minds, their creativity, and their means to be successful and feed their families. And there’s nothing about that that I take lightly. So I handle it and care for these things as if it’s my own. These are also people who I have known for years and have genuinely built friendships and relationships with.

What’s your formula for building strong relationships so that you can position yourself and your clients for new opportunities?

My formula is simply being exactly who I am and allowing time to take its course. I believe it’s all in the timing and genuineness of networking. I also believe in taking the time to go build with people; whether that is supporting them at their events, taking the time to check in on them and their wellbeing, and also going to see them in their environment. The opportunities will come.

What advice do you have for others who build and run a successful full-service firm from the ground up?

Respect the time it takes to build something great and forget about skipping steps. Trust God, rely on Him, and allow him to guide you.

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