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New Missouri Restaurant Sparks Debate Over 35+ Age Restriction, ‘Just Something For The Older People’

A new restaurant near St. Louis is ensuring only the grown and sexy can enter its doors thanks to their 35 and up age requirement.

There’s a new restaurant near St. Louis, Missouri that’s ensuring only the grown and sexy can enter its doors thanks to their 30 to 35 and up age requirement.

Bliss, a new upscale restaurant in Florissant, Missouri, will only allow women age 30 and up and men 35 and up to enjoy its West African and Caribbean cuisine, KAKE reports. Owners Marvin Pate, 36, and his wife opened the restaurant two weeks ago and requires patrons who enter to show their identification to a hostess or a St. Louis County police officer after 7 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday.

“It represents pure happiness and pure utopia. It’s a home away from home. You can come here and feel like you’re actually on a resort,” Pate said.

While most adults-only establishments come with 18 to 21 and up age requirements, Bliss is establishing a new model that caters to a more mature crowd of foodies.

“It’s just something for the older people to come do and have a happy hour, come get some good food, and not have to worry about some of the young folks that bring some of that drama,” Assistant Manager Erica Rhodes said.

As a result, Bliss has been under fire sparking a debate on social media due to their age restrictions.

“Of course, we have been getting a little backlash, but that’s OK because we’re sticking to our code,” he said.

After a news brief on Bliss made its way across social media, many started sounding off with criticism about the age requirement difference between men and women.

“The only thing throwing me off is that the age requirement is different for men and women,” one critic wrote. “Either make it 30 for both or 35 for both. We have to stop reinforcing the myth that men mature slower.”

“I think both men and women should be 30. Let’s also understand that age doesn’t mean maturity either,” added someone else. “I know some 30-year-old women that would come in there start a fight and twerk.”

There were many others who expressed their support in Bliss establishing a setting for mature crowds who tend to leave the drama at home.

“Grown folks only and no twerking on the tables. I support it,” one person wrote.

“Need more spots like this,” someone else said.

The new restaurant plans to offer to-go orders in the coming weeks. For those too young to dine there, the Assistant Manager says they can come back in a couple of years when they’re old enough.

“Those younger ones, you can come patronize the business once you turn 30 or 35, because we’re gonna be here for a while,” Rhodes said.

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