Mobb Deep, lawsuit

Rap Duo Mobb Deep Named In Copyright Infringement Lawsuit For Allegedly Stealing Band Logo

A new lawsuit reveals that Mobb Deep may be in deep trouble.

The rap duo have been named in a lawsuit from hardcore punk band Sick of It All for using their logo without their consent, Hypebeast reports. The copyright infringement lawsuit, which also names the clothing line Supreme and the estate of the late Mobb Deep member Prodigy, was filed by Bush Baby Zamagate, Inc., the owner of all of Sick of It All’s intellectual property rights, on Oct. 11.

Court documents claim that the band’s “Alleyway Crew” logo, featuring a curvy, fire-breathing dragon, was used by the Queens, New York legendary rap group several times around 1997.

According to an interview with MTV, the band allegedly asked Mobb Deep to stop using the image that’s nearly identical to the image Sick of It All used in recording goods, live performances, and other services since as early as 1987. Supreme was also pinged in the lawsuit, accused of using the logo in its June 2023 apparel collaboration with Mobb Deep.

On Instagram, fans seemed to be leaning in different directions on the differences between images. “Interesting,” one user wrote.

“The logo is changed drastically not sure how this will go. It’s similar for sure but different.”

For its trouble, Bush Baby Zamagate, Inc. is seeking compensatory damages and requesting that the defendants be banned from “using the Infringing Mark or any other mark or marks confusingly similar thereto, alone or in combination with other words, names, styles, titles, designs or marks in connection with the provision of any goods and services.”

While the rap group hasn’t responded to the lawsuit yet, according to Hip-Hop DX, surviving member Havoc has confirmed that fans can expect new music featuring vocals from Prodigy as well as a project with Method Man.

“I’m actively working on a Mobb Deep album now, as we speak,” Havoc said during an interview with People’s Party.

“The family blessed me with a bunch of vocals by Prodigy, and soon as I leave here I’m goin’ back to work.”