Watch Mo’Nique Return To Her First Job at Popeyes For a Teachable Moment

Watch Mo’Nique Return To Her First Job at Popeyes For a Teachable Moment

Humble beginnings can teach a lesson or two. For award-winning comedian Mo’Nique, “whatever you selling, suggest more of it.”

According to Intel HipHop, Mo’Nique returned to her first job at Popeyes to volunteer her time, skills, and comedic personality at the register. A clip of her interacting with a customer for a teachable skit was posted to YouTube.

While assisting with an order, Mo’Nique impresses both the Popeyes staff and viewers with her customer service.

“This was my first job, and baby, when I did it, I did it with pride and honor,” the 54-year-old actress says in the video. “Now watch this.”

In the video, Mo’Nique dons a Popeyes apron as she prepares to showcase “customer service” and how Popeyes employees are “supposed to greet people” when they come into the fast food restaurant. Two employees stood by Mo’Nique’s side.

“Action!” everybody declared in unison.

“Good Afternoon, welcome to Popeyes. My name is Mo’Nique. What would you like today?” Mo’Nique greets a woman at the register.

After a short pause, the customer responds with a question about the cost of the two-piece meal. Mo’Nique isn’t fazed. She reads off the options: combo or just the chicken.

In haste, the woman responds with “combo,” then questions, “does the combo come with a drink?”

This is when Mo’Nique starts teaching and lists her drink suggestions to pair with the mild or spicy chicken. The customer is joyful, so she orders exactly what Mo’Nique recommends.

Mo’Nique also suggested the woman get a “hot apple pie” and an “extra fry.” The customer continues to agree and praises the teamwork between Mo’Nique and one of the Popeyes employees.

The interaction is amicable throughout the skit until Mo’Nique calls attention to the customer’s disappointment with her meal’s “high” price. She jokingly suggests cursing the customer out, then the video focuses on Mo’Nique’s message of the day.

“Honestly, babies out there working all around the world, when you have a job, treat it like it’s your own,” she advises.

“Whatever you selling, suggest more of it.”

Mo’Nique has come a long way since her first job. BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported that she recently celebrated the wrap-up of the Netflix film The Deliverance after a decade-old dispute with film director Lee Daniels.

Mo’Nique definitely taught a lesson in taking pride in your work — no matter what the job is.