‘More Equality, Less Ignorance’: Black Fashion Company Designs Luxury Streetwear Line for Indy 500

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is gearing up for the annual Indy 500 in style.

MELI, which stands for “More Equality, Less Ignorance,” is a Black-owned luxury streetwear brand that has partnered with the racing circuit to launch MELI Motorsports, an exclusive line of luxury streetwear, as part of IMS’ “Race for Equality and Change” diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative.


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According to the Indianapolis Recorder, the MELI fashion brand was founded in 2020 by creative director Monty Matuka to elevate the community through clothing that reflects confidence and promotes equality through cross-cultural awareness.

Home to one of the largest sporting events in the country, IMS has committed to its DEI initiatives celebrating people of color in the racing industry. With parallel visions, IMS and MELI joined to pay homage to minority racers and amplify diversity among the sport’s audience.

“It’s a nod to a minority culture who have broken barriers in the sport of professional auto racing,” Matuka said. “Obviously, the sport of racing isn’t that diverse of a sport, but we see the urge of the motor speedway to open it up and allow us as minorities to understand that we are welcome and in their sport.”

Jimmie McMillian, chief diversity officer and senior corporate counsel of IMS, said the partnership would also provide economic and financial benefits for small, local businesses.

“We want his audience of young people who are interested in fashion or interested in design to see something that reflects them and reflects some of the cultural aspects of what he creates,” McMillian said. “His work speaks to people’s culture, and so our hope is that through his work and our logos, our imagery, that the combination of the two will speak to a whole new audience of fans.”

The line surrounds a motorsport theme and features urban-style clothing inspired by racing jackets and vintage tees. Fit for male and female buyers, the line includes cargo shorts, pants, and jackets constructed with water-resistant leather. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and MELI logos have been incorporated into each garment to stamp the partnership.

According to Matuka, MELI Motorsport will be available to purchase at meli-intl.com, in the MELI Showroom at 43 Virginia Ave., Suite 207, and in the IMS museum gift shop.

The 107th Running of the Indianapolis 500 is scheduled for Sunday, May 28.