Mos Def Might Have To Forfeit Erykah Badu Tour Money To His Baby Mama

Rapper Mos Def might have to fork over some of his earnings from Erykah Badu’s “Unfollow Me” tour to pay off one of the mothers of his children.

Mos Def, who goes by Yasiin Bey and has six children by four different women, is the opener on Badu’s 25-city tour that kicks off June 11 in San Antonio. Meanwhile, his Paris-based baby mama, Karima Sorel, is seeking the $88,602.63 she claims Bey owes her in attorney fees, and is going after the tour backers to secure those funds, the NY Post reports.

A legal team representing Sorel requested that a Manhattan judge order Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Outback Presents LLC, and BaduWorld Inc. to turn over Bey’s earnings to pay off his debt, according to the legal filing.

Records show that Bey was required to pay Sorel’s attorney fees in March 2020 after being called out in Brooklyn family court for his “persistent refusal to pay child support.”

“This matter arises out of protracted child support proceedings in Family Court between Karima Sorel . . . and the child’s father,” according to the Manhattan Supreme Court filing.

It isn’t the first time Bey has been accused of not providing for his children. Back in 2006, the “Ms. Fat Booty” rapper was cited for not making court-ordered child support payments, according to HipHopDX.

Bey, whose birth name is Dante Smith, was divorcing his wife, Maria Yepes-Smith, at the time and was ordered to pay her $10,000 every month. However, his payments were $2,000 short for two months.

He attributed it to having a low cash flow as well as obligations to his three other children. He also reportedly said he wanted their two daughters to be homeschooled.

Yepes-Smith’s lawyer, Karen Blaustein, shut down Bey’s excuse, claiming the rapper-actor was doing just fine financially, considering his role in the 2006 film 16 Blocks.

“I’ve been seeing him in these commercials with Bruce Willis for his new movie. I’m sure he’s made enough money to support his 7- and 8-year-old daughters,” Blaustein said.