Nick Cannon Admits Sending Wrong Card To Baby Mama On Mother’s Day

Nick Cannon has made a mistake that would most likely make someone frown upon his actions.

On Mother’s Day, Cannon admitted to Wild ‘n Out as he accidentally sent the wrong “baby mama” a handwritten greeting card that was meant for another one of his children’s mother.

Cannon discussed the misstep on his AMP daily morning show, The Daily Cannon, with his co-hosts, Courtney Bee Bledsoe, Mason Moussette, and Abby De La Rosa. De La Rosa is actually the mother of three of his children, Zion, Zillion, and Beautiful.

He said he sent “handwritten messages from the heart” to each of the mothers of his children, but inadvertently sent a message meant for one that landed in the hands of another.

“I tried my best. I really did. I thought it would be a really really good idea to show people how you really feel, write it down,” Cannon said.

“So, then as I’m writing a handwritten message, I get the cards mixed up.”

As his co-hosts reacted, he paused to let it all sink in.

“And then so when one baby mama reads the card about how I feel about the other baby mama. See if I would have just got some generic s**t , that everybody else got, that wouldn’t have happened.”

From the reaction of De La Rosa, she wasn’t involved in the mix-up as she looked as surprised as Bledsoe and Mousette.


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