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Mother Of Rapper YG’s Children Involved In Los Angeles Car Crash, Elderly Woman Killed

Catelyn Sparks, mother of Compton-born rapper YG’s children, was involved in a fatal crash that killed an 89-year-old woman, TMZ reports.

According to police reports, Sparks was driving a 2023 Tesla in Los Angeles on Oct. 11 when the victim, who was driving a 1985 Cadillac, made a U-turn in front of Sparks’ car, causing her to hit the driver’s side door. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Sparks was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Law enforcement officials say Sparks wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident.

It’s not clear if YG and Sparks, who have two children together in their tumultuous union, are still romantically involved. The rapper was recently seen on vacation with “Icy Grl” rapper Saweetie.

After pictures went public, Sparks posted a message on social media saying, “Just because we got the same blood don’t make us family & just because we got kids don’t make us family, cuz with ‘family’ like mine? I rather not have any.”

YG has been vocal about his parenting style over the years. In an August 2018 interview with Vulture, the rapper, whose real name is Keenon Dequan Ray Jackson, talked about how his daughter being born influenced his music.

“I dedicated my life to this music sh*t back even before my daughter came into play. It’s really for the best for all my people,” he said. “So when I’m gone, it be like, sh*t, I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, because if I wasn’t doing this, I’d be at the house trying to figure out what the f*** to do so my people be straight.”

According to the Daily Mail, Sparks is a brand ambassador for the popular fashion brand Fashion Nova and has close to 150,000 followers on Instagram.

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