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Naomi Campbell Sends A Message To Women Who Don’t Want To Have Children: ‘You Will Change Your Mind’

Naomi Campbell believes young women who don't want to have children will eventually "change your mind."

Naomi Campbell understands that the current economy makes more young people reluctant to start a family. However, she believes these women will eventually “change your mind.”

The supermodel spoke with The Times of London in an interview published on June 7, in which she gushed about how much motherhood has improved her life. Campbell, who welcomed two children via surrogacy after the age of 50, has fully adjusted to life as a single mom.

“My babies are everything to me. It’s made me fear for the future,” she said. “I hope for a better world for my children. They are 110% my priority. I have to be there for them on their first day at school.”

When it comes to the growing number of Gen Z and millennials who are opting out of having children due to the economy, Campbell thinks they will reach a point in their lives where motherhood becomes more of a priority.

“I have heard a lot of young girls saying that it is too expensive to have children and they may not want them, and I have said, ‘You will change your mind. You will want to be a mum,” she said.

“I understand economically it is tough. But my mum had nothing and she made it work. It’s worth it. It is so amazing.”

Last week, newly released data from Australian research company the Red Bridge found that fewer millennials and Gen Zers are having children due to financial challenges, according to The NY Post. Among the young adults opting out of starting a family, 35 % have college degrees, 33% earn more than $2,000 a week, and just under half don’t own a home.

“The amount younger people have to pay out on mortgages or rent, they’ve also got HECS debt [student loans] and are often living beyond their means,” Kos Samaras, director of Red Bridge, said.

However, Campbell is hopeful about the younger generation and their ability to spark positive change for the future.

“We have to depend on the younger generation to change this world. I trust my children more than us to do the right thing,” she said.

Campbell welcomed her first child, a daughter, in 2021 at 51. Two years later, she welcomed a son via surrogacy. While speaking with The Times, she confirmed that she did welcome both children via a surrogate.

“I did,” she told the outlet.

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