Network Like a Boss and Move Your Business Forward In Charlotte with These Tips

Charlotte has been listed over the past few years as one of the top cities for black millennials and entrepreneurs. For the second year in a row, BLACK ENTERPRISE will #BEintheQC to do business. This year, we’re helping innovators, creators, and founders move their businesses FWD and we’ve got the city behind us.

This year’s host Carlos V. Davis, founder and CEO of Stand & Deliver, LLC, will take the stage at FWD and he cannot wait to meet you. Davis is known as a connector within the community, and his company consults with individuals, organizations, and major corporations, helping them show up as their best-selves and deliver professionally. He wants to help you do just that. The networking expert and businessman has a few tips for you as you prepare to do business in Charlotte.

Carlos V. Davis (Photo Credit: Chuck Holliday)

Move your business forward with these networking tips:

  1. Understand that networking is really about mindset versus strategy.
  1. Make your networking more about service and less about self: A lot of people make the mistake that networking is about promoting self and getting a certain about of cards. People don’t care about what you want to do, but, they do care if you have vested interest in what they’re trying to do and how you can help them. By implementing this strategy, you’ll really see the difference in how people see you and how they’ll become more attracted to you.
  1. Talk less and listen more: One of the most common misconceptions about networking is that you have to have the sharpest elevator pitch out there. If you’re willing to take a step back, listen, and ask more questions about what someone needs, people will be more apt to connect.
  1. Find ways to be resourceful: Many people tend to talk about how amazing they are, but sometimes their skill set may not be aligned with who they encounter.
  1. Networking is always about being an asset and bringing something of value to the table instead of always trying to get what you need.

If you want to move your business forward, meet BE and Carlos Davis in Charlotte June 19-22 at the Charlotte Convention Center for FWD. Grab your tickets today!