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Fashion Line’s New Self-Pleasure Pocket Jeans For Women Are All The Rave

There's new denim on the market that gives women the opportunity to please themselves while fully clothed.

There’s new denim on the market that gives women the opportunity to please themselves while fully clothed.

Dubbed the “masturbation pocket,” Greek fashion company Di Pesta unveiled their new X-rated denim line during Paris Fashion Week last month. In a video shared to their Instagram page, models walked the runway in the jeans while keeping a few fingers tucked into the triangle-shaped front pocket.

Part of Di Pesta’s 2024 Fall/Winter collection, the pants come in denim and leather and retail for around $640. Those interested might want to take advantage of the 50% price drop on the denim that’s currently retailing for $320.

While it might be a first for many, the pocket design has been “utilized for years and is Dimitra’s [founder] ode to female empowerment and acceptance through her designs,” the brand stated. The sultry jeans are receiving mixed reviews from consumers with some applauding the innovative new design and others blasting what they see as a “hyper sexual agenda,” according to one critic.

“Finally a functional pocket in women’s wear,” one person wrote.

“This is very sexy,” added someone else.

On the opposing side, critics bashed Di Pesta for bringing the naughty to the fashion industry.

“Our Society is so SICK! I can’t even anymore!” one person wrote.

“It’s just giving me cringe vibes,” wrote another.

Despite the criticism, the self-pleasure pocket appears to be on-brand for Di Pesta’s design style. Other pieces in their collection include Undressing Jeans, an Undressing Mini Skirt, a Wetlook skirt, and a Birthing Venus skirt that leave little to the imagination.

Di Pesta has received praise for its inclusive model selection and amplifying women in all phases of life. In 2022, the Greek designer unveiled a pregnancy corset that caught the attention of many. This year, the brand’s London Fashion Week show highlighted the Pregnancy Wetlook worn by IVF Warrior, Riana Horner.

“7 months ago the dream of carrying my own child seemed so far from reality,” she wrote. “But yesterday I walked @londonfashionweek for inspiring female designer @dipetsa with my precious baby bump. What a surreal experience.”

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