Nicki Minaj’s Mother Teams With NYC Doctor To Provide Free Plastic Surgery For Domestic Abuse Survivors

Nicki Minaj’s Mother Teams With NYC Doctor To Provide Free Plastic Surgery For Domestic Abuse Survivors

Rapper Nicki Minaj’s mother announced her plans to partner with a popular New York City plastic surgeon to give domestic abuse survivors free plastic surgery.

Carol Maraj, 63, who herself was a victim of domestic abuse, has been running a foundation named in her honor since 2013, whose mission is to “help women escape domestic violence situations, empower them to once again see their human potential and rebuild their lives,” according to the official website. Now, Maraj is building on her organization’s commitment to helping women restore their confidence by offering free plastic surgery to reverse the damage left behind by their abusers.

At an NAACP-hosted Mother’s Day luncheon, Maraj and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Scott Blyer spoke on the importance of their collaborative efforts.

“So often, when [women] finally break free it is with scars, broken bones, and disfigurements,” Maraj said. “We will give these victims a new start that includes helping to restore their physical confidence.” Blyer spoke about his experience with survivors and the shame and distrust they often have of medical professionals. “A lot of women are embarrassed or ashamed or fearful to go to the hospital,” he explained. “We’re going to be donating our services, all of my surgical fees and so forth will be free of charge for anyone who has the courage to step away from a situation where they were involved with domestic violence.”

Maraj spoke candidly about the abuse she endured at the hands of her husband and Nicki Minaj’s father, Robert, in her 2020 memoir, Leaving My Pain. In one particularly disturbing story, Maraj detailed a frightening attack in which he dragged her from her car and proceeded to bludgeon her head and face, according to the New York Post. “After a while everything felt numb,” she wrote. “I felt blood running down my face, my nose was bleeding and I was in a state of shock from that many hits to my head.”

According to the New York Post, Maraj also announced that she’d be enlisting the help of Sammy Gonzalez of the Suffolk County Legislature and the Islip Chapter of the NAACP to get domestic abuse survivors surgical help.