Nicole Roberts Jones on ‘Finding Your Fierce’

Nicole Roberts Jones on ‘Finding Your Fierce’

Nicole Roberts Jones is on a mission to bring out the best in each woman. The founder and CEO of FIERCE Factor Lab and author of a new book, Find Your Fierce, made it her life’s work to help women turn their passion and purpose into something profitable—what she calls being able to “bankroll your brilliance.”

From entrepreneurs and corporate executives to those stepping into a career change or at a crossroads, Roberts Jones has worked with a range of women across the country, helping them to tap into their power and step into their true purpose. Her new book aims to reach more women and allow them to zone in on their unique gift.


The former entertainment industry executive is no stranger to seeking out and finding that magic and spark. As a talent management and casting executive in Hollywood for many years, Roberts Jones cultivated her natural knack for spotting what makes someone stand out. But she said that although she was living the dream, it wasn’t her dream. She felt like something was missing and that her work wasn’t fulfilling her authentically.

After that realization, it took her three years to implement her exit strategy, answer her soul’s call, and unlock her own version of fierceness. Now she finds fulfillment by helping other women take their brilliance all the way to the bank through her FIERCE Formula, a concept inspired by Beyoncé’s alter ego on stage, Sasha Fierce.

“When [Beyoncé] stands on stage, she is standing in the full power of her gift, being the woman she is meant to be, doing it unapologetically,” says Robert Jones. “This is what I want for every woman I have the opportunity to work with—that you stand fully in the power of your gift. And your gift may not be on the stage, it might be in the boardroom or it could be in the classroom or in the boutique. Whatever it is for you, my goal is that every woman finds her fierce.”


At a recent event in New York City celebrating the release of her new book, Black Enterprise caught up with this power woman and gained some tips on how to maximize passion and purpose for profit, and how to implement her Find Your Fierce formula in order to activate the highest version of yourself.

Narrow in on What You Absolutely Love


“What do you love? That’s passion,” she told an audience of women at her meet and greet. “What are you great at? That’s proficiency. What problem does it solve? Because there are people that need that gift whether you’re working at a corporate job or have your own business.”

Define What “Finding Your Fierce” Means


“Finding your Fierce is really a journey to living as the highest and best version of who you were created to be,” she writes in her book. “To live in your Fierce is to live out the gift inside of you boldly. It is to stand in your complete power.”

Take Inventory


This tip comes straight from her book:

“Just like any store does any time a season is changing, they take inventory. They look at what they already have in stock: what they want to keep and what they want to get rid of. Explore what could hinder your progress from being the highest and best version of you and see what you need to keep and what must go.”

Take Your Talents into the Online Space


Whether you’re a chef, lawyer, teacher or beautician, the online space is a realm that Roberts Jones says can make you money off of your talents “while you sleep.”

She recalled a client who who worked as a chef complaining of not having enough time to demonstrate how to cook to everyone who approached her. Roberts Jones suggested that she start an online cooking class. She noted that the classes can be held via Facebook Live or a YouTube channel but that they don’t have to be live at all times. She suggested that the chef record it live the first time, then after that, tape her shows.

Another client who was a family practice lawyer was stretched thin because she couldn’t take any more clients, added to the fact that some prospective clients couldn’t afford her advice. Roberts Jones found out that most people approached her for help with divorce and suggested she create a low-cost online divorce program that enabled folks to get through the basic paperwork process.

“Figure out what it is that people come to you for. You have to be able to look at how you package your talents and put it into a way where you don’t have to be present,” she says. “In order be able to maximize your skills you should at least be able to look at what’s realistic for you.”

Don’t Be the Milli Vanilli of Entrepreneurship


“Don’t be so busy copying other people,” she says. “You might copy someone, it works, you get all excited but then it doesn’t work the second time. Focus on your gift and how to profit from your own gift.”

Establish Some Non-Negotiables


Whether it be professionally or personally, Roberts Jones says that establishing non-negotiables is a must. It can be as simple as carving out a set amount of time each night or each week for something that is important to your well-being and happiness, to defining clear boundaries on what you want in your career.

Her non-negotiables? She wants her work to be serious and fun. She wants her clients to feel like there is a natural bond between them, and she always wants her clients to feel like their human dignity is always being honored.

Here is one absolute non-negotiable worth establishing: Know what you want and know what you need.

“You have to stop and ask yourself what you want. When I was in entertainment, I never stopped to ask myself that. When I was feeling out of sorts it was because I never asked,” she says. “Many people I coach get to this high place but they hate it, and then they feel guilty for wanting more because the world says “you should be happy, how dare you ask for more.” That’s why knowing what you want and knowing what you need is a non-negotiable.”

To find out more about Nicole Roberts Jones and how she could draw out the best in you, visit her website.