N.O.R.E. Disappointed Jay-Z Interviewed By Gayle King And Not A Hip-Hop Podcast

N.O.R.E. Disappointed Jay-Z Interviewed By Gayle King And Not A Hip-Hop Podcast

Jay-Z recently sat down for a rare interview with Gayle King. But N.O.R.E. thinks the interview should've gone to a hip-hop platform.

Jay-Z recently sat down with Gayle King for a rare interview to promote his “Book of Hov” exhibit. But N.O.R.E. thinks the interview should’ve gone to a hip-hop platform.

N.O.R.E. recently appeared on Talib Kweli’s People’s Party podcast, where they discussed the evolution of hip-hop media platforms run by veteran rappers. The Drink Champs host uses his platform to give flowers to the greats of hip-hop.

Many have appeared on his show, including Kanye West, Nas, 50 Cent, Irv Gotti, and many more. But Jay-Z has been noticeably absent from the show, as well as others, including the shows hosted by Joe Budden and Gillie Da King.

It’s something N.O.R.E. takes issue with, as he feels Jay-Z should be interviewingd on platforms that promote the culture he represents.

“I love JAY-Z. He sat down with Gayle King, it’s a great relationship … would I rather him sit with the People’s Party? Would I rather him sit with Joe Budden’s podcast or Drink Champs or Million Dollaz Worth of Game? Of course,” he said.

“Because we’re finally in the space of us owning our own everything, and podcasts is help for that.”

King got Jay-Z to open up on CBS about everything from his work for criminal justice to addressing the longstanding debate on whether someone should take a dinner with him or $500,000. In a one-hour special titled “Brooklyn’s Own,” the conversation covered Jay’s childhood, his business career, the Knowles-Carter family, and the stories behind his lyrics.

The range of topics was similar to those discussed on Drink Champs over alcoholic beverages. With Jay-Z having ownership in the popular cognac D’usse, sitting down with N.O.R.E would seem to make sense.

The pair also share a history as former Def Jam artists who toured together on the Hard Knock Life tour that was the focus of the 2000 documentary film Backstage. Maybe Jay-Z will have a change of heart about appearing on a hip-hop podcast. In the meantime, Oprah Winfrey’s BFF has his latest interview.

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