Novice To Leader: 5 Tips to becoming a Leader of Your Own Life

Novice To Leader: 5 Tips to becoming a Leader of Your Own Life

Ready or not, 2017 is here and if it is anything like 2016, at the blink of an eye it will be over and done with. So that means it is time for us to “Boss up” and lead! Now when I say lead, I don’t necessarily mean leading a group of people or a team of individuals. While that is also a component of leading, we are focusing on being a leader of your own life. In fact, one of the key elements to being a successful and effective leader of a team of individuals is first knowing how to effectively lead your own life.

Here are five powerful and effective tips to help you to go from novice to leader of your life:


  • Change Your Mindset– Listen, I know that you have heard this before thousands of times and there is a reason that you keep hearing this because it is TRUE. An effective leader has a mindset that is open to other ideas that may not be the same as their own, one that knows that challenges will come yet they remain optimistic throughout the barriers they face, a mindset that has the ability to embrace their strengths while building upon their weaknesses, and one that knows that there is a purpose for their life that only they can fulfill no matter how many other people do what they do because they understand no one can do it like they do it.
  • Embrace Your Journey While I am very careful on what I promise and guarantee, one thing I can promise you is that your life’s journey will have twist and turns and ups and downs. But here is the difference between a person that is the leader of their life and one who isn’t. A person who is the leader of their life embraces all that comes their way with dignity and grace. Everything in life is necessary and a good leader knows how to travel the curvy journey of life and learn all that they can learn to develop themselves as well as utilizing those lessons to help others.
  • Dominate in Your Gift ZoneEvery single person is born with a gift whether it is baking, organizing, developing projects or people, etc. Whatever that gift may be, you need to dominate in it. I mean take that gift and be so good at it that when people say your name it is associated with that gift. Many people have gifts but they don’t share them and keep it to themselves, which hinders them from getting to a place where they are living a purpose driven life.


  • Invest in YOU- In order to get to a level of life that you have never been to, you must invest in yourself. Investing in you means taking financial classes, taking professional and/or personal development courses, hiring a certified business or life coach to assist you in getting on the right path in your business and personal life, etc. The reality is that many of us have dreams, hopes, goals, and aspirations, but we will never be able to fully achieve them because we do not invest in ourselves. No one is going to invest in you if you don’t invest in you. Why should your employer send you to that business seminar if they see that you aren’t trying to invest in yourself first by reading books, attending continuing education courses, etc.? The best thing that you can ever do is to invest in yourself and in order to become the leader of your life you must invest in YOU.


  • Monitor Your Circle- We have heard it all before, your network determines your net worth and I am here to tell you it is so very true. So imagine this, if everyone you surround yourself with is living paycheck to paycheck, then chances are you will always live paycheck to paycheck. If everyone you surround yourself with is negative in his or her perspectives, then guess what, eventually you will have a negative perspective on life. If you have the right people in your circle they can help hold you accountable, educate you on building financial wealth, assist with personal and professional development, etc. A good and effective leader recognizes that they are only as good as those they allow on their team so “boss up” and become the executive director of your life and lead.



This article was written by The BOSS Network Influencer, Nicole Thomas.

Nicole Thomas, MSN, RN, CCM, has 11 years of experience in leadership, healthcare management, clinical knowledge, and business acumen. Her mission is to help female healthcare professionals to awaken their God-given purpose as a healthcare professional through education and action-oriented empowerment. Nicole is currently working on her Doctor of Nursing Practice. She is also the author of “In Health, On Purpose: Awakening  to Your True Calling in The Healthcare Profession”

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