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NYPD Dance Squad Called Out Amid Crime And Budget Cuts

The NYPD dance team is being called out by New York City residents for promoting their hobby while the city still deals with severe violence and budget cuts.

New York City residents are calling out the NYPD Dance Squad as they continue to be featured in events, while crime and other issues trend upward in the area. Some concerned citizens are urging these members to focus more on budget cuts and how to handle the influx of migrants than on television appearances.

The issue follows the dance troupe having a featured performance on local television station PIX11 on Feb. 15. The team was founded in 2022, with its current president, Autumn-Rain Martinez, stating it’s a “space to decompress.” However, the constituents she and her fellow officers are expected to serve are less than impressed with the new initiative, including prominent lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“How many school music programs got defunded for this,” questioned the elected official.

Given the backlash, the team has responded to the critiques thrown their way in conversation with the news outlet.

“We never expected to have so many hateful comments or hurtful comments or anything like that. We just were hoping to show that we come together and we try to build rapport…” explained Martinez.

The officer continued, noting how “tough” the occupation is in itself, in addition to the criticism derived from a hobby that seemed harmless.

“Even with the comments we’ve been getting, we’ve been just leaning on each other, just supporting each other. It’s already tough being on this job, but then to have more things like that for doing something we love doing is kind of hard.”

The NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Communications also noted that the endeavor is completely self-funded and not utilizing taxpayers’ dollars.

However, residents have brought attention to the NYPD flaunting its activities for its officers to let off steam while more serious concerns are still prevalent, including budget cuts disrupting public amenities and the issues emerging from the migrant crisis. In addition, the historical distrust between the police department and communities of color makes the public less receptive to seeing police officers perform in this lighter capacity.

Regardless of the controversy, the NYPD dance team still intends to continue their hobby, even if it comes with mixed reviews.

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