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O.J. Simpson’s Attorney Changes Mind On Goldman Family Civil Judgment Payout

After saying "that the Goldmans get zero, nothing," Malcolm LaVergne now says otherwise

After initially shooting down the possibility of paying the Goldman family millions owed to them by the recently departed, O.J. Simpson, the executor of his will, has changed course.

Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, told the media outlet that the estate of O.J. will accept whatever claim the Goldman family makes to try to retrieve the civil judgment they were awarded back in 1998.

O.J., the former Buffalo Bills player, died after a brief battle with prostate cancer on April 10. Fred Goldman is the father of murder victim Ron Goldman, who was with O.J.’s former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, when the two of them were killed on June 12, 1994. O.J. was accused of killing both of them but was found not guilty in what was billed as the trial of the century. In a civil suit, the Goldman family sued the “It Is What It Is” featured guest and won a judgment of $33.5 million, which O.J. never satisfied.

“I can tell you in advance, Fred Goldman’s claim will be accepted. And his claim will be handled in accordance with Nevada law,” LaVergne told the media outlet.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that LaVergne initially said, “It’s my hope that the Goldmans get zero, nothing. Them specifically. And I will do everything in my capacity as the executor or personal representative to try and ensure that they get nothing.”

He then explained why he responded the way he did to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Within an hour of knowing that O.J. died, he started talking sh**. My advocate instinct was, ‘Oh, you’re gonna keep sh**ting on him even after he’s dead?’” he said. “’ Fine, you know? You get nothing.’ And so, those were my remarks then. But I backtracked, and they were pretty harsh remarks. And now, I’m going in the other direction.”

On April 11, O.J.’s family announced that he died of cancer at the age of 76.