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O.J. Simpson’s Estate Charged With $500K Tax Lien, Lawyer Says

His lawyer it says it could impact the settlement owed to Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman's families.

O.J. Simpson owed the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman millions when he died earlier this year. Malcolm LaVergne, Simpson’s lawyer and now executor of his estate, contacted the families in April to discuss their probate claims against the former athlete’s estate.

The lawyer told TMZ that the state of California has placed a $572,402.69 tax lien against Simpson’s estate. This changed his plan to settle for part of a $33.5 million judgment awarded to the families in 1997. 

Although Simpson was acquitted in his murder trial, he was later found liable for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s deaths in a Santa Monica civil court. The judgment was for $33.5 million in 1997, but interest on the unpaid debt has caused it to skyrocket to $100 million.

LaVergne’s team met with the Goldman family at his Las Vegas office last month. According to the lawyer, a rep for Nicole Brown Simpson’s estate did not show up for the meeting. They reviewed Simpson’s tax returns, 401K, bank statements, and other assets. Goldman’s lawyers were told they’d be accepted into the estate, which would help satisfy the debt. 

LaVergne said he’s still investigating to determine how much the estate is worth amid the unforeseen tax lien. The lawyer told TMZ he was blindsided by $500K debt, and he plans to fight the lien in court before he can determine if there will be anything left over to pay the two families. 

LaVergne did say that there are some valuable items in the disgraced athlete’s estate that could be liquidated to help cover some of the costs. These items include Simpson’s Heisman trophy (which may be a replica), fine art, golf clubs, an SUV, and a grand piano. They are also considering auctioning some of Simpson’s personal items, which include video reels, furniture, and photos.