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Ex-White House Employee Omarosa Shades Former President Trump’s Political Plans

The outspoken Omarosa Manigault Newman threw big shade at former U.S. President Donald Trump regarding his political plans to return to the White House as head of state.

Trump’s ex-employee said to “Page Six” in an exclusive interview, “I think it would be very hard for Donald Trump to run for president from jail.”

Newman was referring to the 77-year-old political figure’s plans to run for president in 2024 amid the current legal battles about him mishandling sensitive government documents. Newman, the former director of African American outreach for Trump’s 2016 campaign, made the comment while discussing her appearance on the new reality competition series “House of Villains.”

The 49-year-old appeared in E!’s premiere of “House of Villains” on Oct. 12. And she’s already bringing the shade. She said about one of her castmates, reality star Corinne Olympios, “It was so sad because Corinne didn’t know much about politics, so it was hard to have a conversation with somebody who wasn’t plugged in to politics,” “Page Six” reported.

Newman added, “I don’t even know that she could spell ‘White House.'”

The “House of Villains” contestant was all for participating on the show from the get-go.

“When [my] agency called me and pitched it to me, I thought, ‘This sounds like old-school reality TV.’ [We’re] getting back to the roots, in a house living with people you don’t know, strategizing, conniving, and backstabbing,” Newman told “Page Six.”

Newman came on the scene in “The Apprentice” in 2004, where she met Trump. She later appeared on “The Celebrity Apprentice” and “The Ultimate Merger” before Trump invited her to work at the White House. Newman reflected on the start of her relationship with the former chief of state in an “Entertainment Tonight” interview.

“For me, I just can’t believe I fell for a con man, a con man who turned out to be the biggest fraud,” she said.

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