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These 10 Black Designers Understood The Black Barbie Assignment

It is truly a Barbie World we’re living in, with the brand taking over the media landscape globally as fans and casual engagers alike join in the pink craze. With the latest release of the now trailblazing film, Barbie is touching the hearts of all viewers, as well as their closets. The hit movie’s impact in the film industry is already clear, but its waves in fashion from all avenues is one to take note of as well.

With the unofficial rule to dress in pink to go see the summer blockbuster, Black designers, from ath-leisure wear to luxury goods, are joining in on the fun with their latest looks for the (real-life) dolls. BLACK ENTERPRISE has the details on Black-owned collections for the perfect dream closet, such as Yitty and Brandon Blackwood, as well as local boutiques and international houses. For those that want to think pink while also buying Black, these fun but fashionable brands have clothes and accessories to fit the mood for every kind of melanin Barbie.

1) Lilly’s Kloset For the Everywear Barbie

Lilly’s Kloset is a Houston-owned boutique that recently unveiled a Barbie collection that hosts a wide-range of outfits for any occasion. From gardening to work-from-home, Lilly’s Kloset has the pink looks for it all.


2) BABES For the Essentials Barbie


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If you are a Barbie that keeps it simple with staple fits, then BABES is the place for you. Their newest additions of neon pink rompers and bodysuits will keep things minimalist while still shining bright.

3) Brandon Blackwood For Luxury Barbie 

For “Brandie” Blackwood, the luxury handbag and accessories brand has the Pink Selection complete with shoes and purses for any look. The designer also styled Ice Spice in a custom swimsuit for the “Barbie World” official music video.


4) Yitty For Athleisure Barbie


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As Yitty’s founder Lizzo sung “Pink” for the movie’s official soundtrack, her athleisure wear brand also joined in on the celebration through its Summer Doll House collection. From bralettes to leggings, their ultra-shaping undergarments will keep you in pink from the inside out.

5) IVY PARK For Renaissance Barbie


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In IVY PARK’s Paradise collection, Beyoncé released sequined shorts and mesh sets that you can wear to the movie premiere or a performance on her Renaissance Tour. Even President of Barbieland, Issa Rae, approves this message.

6) Curverra For Curvy Barbie


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“Welcome to Barbie World through the eyes of Curvesssss,” says their website. With Pink dresses that make for the perfect date night, this one is for the thick dolls that want to dress up!


7) Autumn Adeigbo For Afrocentric Barbie


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This Barbie’s a global citizen! This Nigerian brand is already fan-favorite amongst celebrities, and its summer collection featuring African-inspired prints with a touch of pink is the look we definitely need!

8) Nichole Lynel For Party Barbie



Feathers, sequins and shimmer are what this doll loves most! To be the star of the show, Shop Nichole Lynel has all the pink extravagance one would need.


9) TIER For Cozy Barbie


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Sometimes the dolls like to keep things cute and casual, but still true to the brand. TIER has got the perfect pink essential sweatsuit for the job. It’s still a Pink World, no matter the vibe.

10) TELFAR For Jelly Barbie


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TELFAR is bringing jelly back to mainstream fashion. With its “Telly Jelly” collection, pink translucent slides and its signature shopping bags are the new summer moment.

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