Four Winning Steps To Successfully Pitch Your Startup at Google Demo Day

The time has come and pitch season is upon us. No, not for television pilots, for startups. Many people are curious about how to obtain startup business funding through the pitch circuit. Today is Google Demo Day and watching other startups pitch is a great way to learn.

As someone who has been involved in the Silicon Valley startup scene for some time, I imagined how a pitch session at Google should go using a startup that is actually pitching at Google today—Amp-it; an interactive digital media platform that some are calling ‘YouTube 2.0.”

Here’s how’s pitch at Google Demo Day (or in front or any potential investors for that matter) should play out:


What is

First, when pitching, you want to present the product and the team. Why? This gives you immediate credibility.

Launched by an Ivy League team of Google and LinkedIn alumni and Emmy, Golden Globe, and Oscar-winning executives, is YouTube 2.0, a digital media platform that helps content marketers build a direct relationship with their audience.

The Problem

Next, state the problem that you are attempting to solve in the market.

Content marketers don’t have a direct relationship with the fans who make their content popular. Big Social will count the views, but won’t say who’s actually watching, leaving marketers flying blind in a crowded digital world.

Our Solution

After the problem has been stated you want to tell the judges how you plan to solve the problem, i.e., what is your solution?’s technology gives content marketers X-Ray Vision into who is watching their content and why.


Lastly, it is extremely important to convey if you have had traction, i.e., is the solution to your problem actually working?

The World Cup of Hip-Hop

The first “ series,” two-time Emmy Finalist Take Back the Mic: The World Cup of Hip Hop is Anthony Bourdain meets American Idol. A Global conversation in your Local language.

More about’s World Cup of Hip Hop:

  • 20 Million media impressions w no marketing spend

  • 30-min avg user sessions (12x avg social media apps)

  • 2 Emmy nods for Outstanding Interactive Program

  • First-ever Emmy nod for a 100% fan-curated series

  • 5x ROI of a SuperBowl ad

Tune in today to see if walks away with the winning prize.