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Man Goes Viral For Refusing To Swap Seats With Pregnant Woman On Plane

The male passenger had booked and paid extra for an aisle seat due to medical issues requiring quick access to the bathroom.

A passenger is gaining attention on social media after refusing to swap seats with a pregnant woman. The man, identified on Reddit as user michaeldonnelly, shared his experience on the social media platform, sparking a debate over the perceived entitlement of the pregnant passenger.

The situation unfolded on a five-plus-hour flight during the holiday season. Michaeldonnelly, who had booked and paid extra for an aisle seat due to medical issues requiring quick access to the bathroom, was approached by a pregnant woman just before boarding. She requested him to give up his seat so she could sit closer to the bathroom, The New York Post reports.

“Right before boarding, a woman asked me to give up my seat so she could sit closer to the bathroom. She was pregnant but did not seem distressed,” Michaeldonnelly wrote in his Reddit post.

While expressing empathy for the pregnant woman, michaeldonnelly believed it was unfair to be asked to relinquish a seat he had paid for, considering his medical condition. Despite the woman’s attempt to involve flight attendants to mediate, he stood his ground, facing criticism from his own family.

Online reactions were mixed, with some praising michaeldonnelly for protecting his own comfort and emphasizing the importance of the seat he had paid for. 

“She should have booked another seat she wanted herself or not gone on the flight. Seems she just assumed she wouldn’t have to pay for it, since some sucker was going to move,” wrote one person.

Criticism was also directed at the flight attendants for not mediating effectively, with opinions highlighting that the pregnant woman’s request appeared to be an attempt at public shaming. Some users defended michaeldonnelly, asserting that the woman felt entitled to a seat due to her pregnancy and aimed to use it to her advantage.

Surprisingly, even pregnant women joined the discussion, expressing support for michaeldonnelly. 

“As a pregnant woman with Crohn’s, I also vote OP is NTA [not at fault]! It’s fine if people offer me pregnancy privilege but I sure as hell am not going to demand it! And knowing my constraints, I book the seats I need,” the woman said.

Amid a series of affirming messages, michaeldonnelly speculated that the pregnant woman may have targeted him, assuming he would be more likely to comply with the seat swap. 

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