Prince Fans Might Hear Unreleased Music At Annual Paisley Park Celebration

The annual Paisley Park celebration is gearing up and Prince’s estate plans to honor “The Purple One” by possibly giving his loyal fans a chance to hear unreleased music.

This year’s celebration is set for June 8-11, starting the day after what would’ve been Prince’s 64th birthday. The celebration of the late music legend will include a Prince Legacy Tribute show featuring appearances from musicians who worked with Prince including Chaka Khan, Chuck D and The Steels, and Minneapolis natives, the Sounds Of Blackness, Uproxx reports.

This year the estate will open the singer’s legendary vault for tours that will reveal some of prolific Prince’s unreleased music. With it being the seventh anniversary of his unexpected death on April 21, 2016, the number seven will be featured prominently throughout the event to highlight the significance the number was to the “Purple Rain” and “Raspberry Beret” singer— including his birthday on June 7 and how much he referenced the number in his music.

“This year marks 7 years of uplifting Prince’s legacy and carefully preserving his prolific artistic output and his creative sanctuary,” the estate said in a statement.

“At Celebration 2023, guests will take a deep dive into understanding the cultural significance of 7 and how it has been reflected throughout history.”

However, Prince fans have expressed mixed reactions to news of the vault being opened as it leaves the assumption that unreleased music the music legend never wanted anyone to hear could in fact be heard. While it’s not certain the unreleased music will be heard during the tours, the possibility exists.

Prince’s estate said this year’s celebration will include live music, celebrity panels, in-studio recording sessions, and “special opportunities” for fans to see and hear some of the “Kiss” singer’s most historic performances.

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